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Selection Process

We have designed a rigorous recruitment process to ensure only the most suitable candidates are introduced. We take a targeted approach to filling vacancies; we do not send cvs by volume and consequently enjoy a high cv to placement ratio.

All potential candidates are qualified for each vacancy according to your specifications. This would include: discussing work history and experience, current and desired salary, suitability to work in the UK and notice periods etc. If a candidate is very promising but falls short in any way we will always make this clear in the introduction.

We provide a checklist of skills and a summary of why we think a candidate is suitable together with anticipated rates of pay and availability. This information will assist managers in making quicker decisions when assessing the suitability of a candidate.

Every candidate will be met by our one of our consultants before any formal interview takes place. At this meeting, we cover a range of competency and technical based questions and will also address any specific questions you may have about their experience. We then provide a summary report to help you assess their suitability. This saves your manager’s time and will ensure only the most suitable candidates go forward to a first interview.

All CVs are reformatted into our MP template which will always include a summary of the candidate’s key skills, work history, achievements and key projects. This helps managers quickly identify key skills to assess suitability.

We will provide a minimum of two references and will be happy to conduct any specific tests to include: numerical, verbal reasoning and personality profiling.

We can also provide a range of management information including; number of vacancies, cv’s submitted, financial information and equal opportunities data.


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