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CV Writing

CV writing
A well written CV will help in your search for a new job. This is an essential career document that potential employers will use to assess your suitability, so first impressions count. A clear, concise and informative document will greatly improve your chances of attracting potential employers. It is also important to understand that a CV should be written for the position applied for. So be prepared to draft a couple of copies with emphasis on different skills and achievements depending on the post.

Do include relevant projects but it is important not to provide just a long list. You should include information on your achievements and how you had an impact. Employers are turned off by CVs that do not explain what the person actually did.

The Mattinson Partnership will offer advice on how to produce a good CV. We have our own formatted version so employers are familiar with our style and layout.

You can download the template here.

There is no right or wrong way to producing a good CV, however, you should ensure the following information:

Contact Details
Full name, nationality including visa status, address, telephone and Email

Personal Profile
A short summary of your skills and experience. Avoid the comments about ‘working well in a team’ or being ‘committed and conscientious’ etc, as these offer little value to the CV. You may want to bullet point a few key skills that are substantiated in your CV.

List in descending order from the Highest Qualification. This section should include dates, full course title, Grades and Institution.

Professional Qualifications
Also include any Membership of Official Organisations.

Career History
This should include job title, Company name, dates of service and Location. Aim to provide a summary of your position and bullet point the key duties and responsibilities. It is also useful to explain the reporting structure and who you worked with. This shouldn’t be an exhaustive list but should focus on the most relevant experience.

Include project information with emphasis on your specific involvement. Positive language helps such as ‘lead’, ‘designed’, ‘managed’ help employers understand your achievements.

Systems skills

Any relevant training courses

Additional Information



Get in touch with Stef for more info - ss@mattpart.com or 0207 960 2589 https://t.co/WPFXGsTdAp #planninghttps://t.co/OOwVwo0DLG
Get in touch with Stef for more info - ss@mattpart.com or 0207 960 2589 https://t.co/WPFXGsTdAp #planning #devonhttps://t.co/oB39N3Wl7C
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