1. Established

    ...by the Mattinson brothers, David & Pete. Bringing together their expertise of transport planning and recruitment.

  2. Our first new recruit

  3. Moved to a bigger office

  4. £1million turnover

  5. Recession Hit

    Main focus became contract and interim staff mostly in public sector.

  6. Set up the environment desk

    ...now led by our Associate Director; Ruth Prescott

  7. £2million turnover

    Company doubles in size.

  8. Expanded into Town Planning and Civils

    ...now covered by Freddie Bell & Elliot Mellish, respectively

  9. Smarter Travel consultancy established

    ...combining sustainable transport expertise with our own recruitment capability

  10. Glasgow office established

    ...to better support the Scottish, Northern UK & Irish markets

  11. Billed over £1 million pounds of perm fees

  12. New website and move to bigger offices

    ...south of the river in Southwark

  13. First tree planted in the Mattinson forest

    Also expanded into Architectural recruitment, and David becomes sole Director

  14. Rebrand #2

    Also partnered with London Wildlife Trust & set up Property and Asset Management desk

  15. Hosted our first solo event

    ...for International Women's Day

Our Vision.

Our enthusiasm for sustainable growth is in everything we do, from the candidates we place to the biscuits we dunk in the (fair trade) tea we drink in the office. And that’s why it sits proudly at the very top of the Mattinson vision triangle. Every decision we make is driven by the desire to cultivate the environment and the people around us, creating a nurturing and collaborative setting in which people, businesses and the environment can grow.

Approaching our activities from this perspective, rather than from an eagle eye on the bottom line, allows us to uncover the unique and special qualities of the clients, candidates and situations we work with. All while increasing our own expertise as an agency. This gives us the opportunity to truly grow, together.

As a consultancy, we have a vast amount of combined expertise and knowledge and we’re not too shy blow our own trumpets about it. Our highly skilled team are dedicated to creating strong, durable partnerships that encourage mutual development and progress.

Rebrand Story.

We understand that our brand is the face of our work and, in order to demonstrate who we truly are as a company, our image must reflect the values that our company was founded on, as well as the ethos that will drive us forward.

We are on our third rebrand at Mattinson, which reflects the ever-growing nature of our business, and we have worked with some of the most talented branding specialists to create an image that truly captures who we are.

During a workshop event with the entire company, team members had the opportunity to discuss what motivates and inspires them and how this drives The Mattinson Partnership day after day. We also looked at the strengths that have allowed us to grow, including our specialist knowledge and expertise coupled with a professional yet authentic nature.

From this we were able to uncover two key areas which are at the very heart of our company: Partnership and Growth.

Our logo, The Mattinson Grid, mirrors our commitment to growth in all areas. It is a completely flexible structure which allows for expansion in all directions, while keeping the initial blocks intact. The organic and structural symbol depicts our ongoing commitment to both the natural and the built environment.

Our new brand colours are a fresh direction for us, while keeping us grounded in our roots. Our legacy colour orange is used across all Mattinson companies, and the smart new greens define our expertise and professional, highly experienced team.

We want to show the world that at Mattinson we aren’t afraid of change. In fact, we thrive on it.

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London Wildlife Trust.

We at Mattinson Partnership are proud partners of The London Wildlife Trust, a charity dedicated to protecting the wildlife and wild spaces of London by driving environmental projects throughout the city. Our team often get involved at ground level by helping to maintain and restore treasured spaces and land… we love to get our hands dirty! Our very own Associate Director Ruth is also heavily involved in the Wild Talent Project, an initiative designed to increase diversity in the environmental work landscape and remove the barriers to entry for a career in the nature conservation sector. Ruth has contributed to their CV workshops and interview practises within their training programme.

Royal Town Planning Institute.

The RTPI represents planning professionals in the UK and Ireland and aims to encourage the development of vibrant and prosperous places and communities. Our Senior Consultant Freddie enthusiastically attends the annual Planning Convention, and we host several events throughout the year to show our support, including drinks networking and a literal pub quiz. We also keep in close contact with our friends down under, at the Planning Institute Australia and New Zealand Planning Institute. In addition, we sponsor the London Planning Summit, an event designed to address the biggest challenges facing the industry. This is our opportunity to stay on top of the latest changes in town planning by meeting with other key professionals in the sector, while celebrating our achievements.

Land Securities Group Plc.

One of our clients, LandSec, are the clever people behind Girls Can Do It Too, an initiative designed to encourage girls to consider a career in construction. Currently, only 11% of the construction workforce are female, and LandSec are attempting to increase this number by providing education and engagement projects and workshops for girls aged 11-13. Featuring workshops on demolition and tower building, as well as challenging the girls to design a planning project of their own (with a focus on budgeting and environmental considerations), LandSec have proven their dedication to addressing the need for diversity in this very male dominated industry. Ruth assists the project by sharing her fascinating insights into the industry and is even on the project judging panel!

Succulents and Seeds.

We love growth, and while our Mattinson Forest continues to grow with every candidate we place, it can be hard to imagine the impact we are having on our environment when it’s not visually accessible. We like to give our candidates and clients a little visual reminder of the wider vision they are now part of. We gift all our candidates and clients with a succulent plant or seed packet to remind them that by nurturing something, be it a talent or a plant, it can grow to become something beautiful and highly useful. By investing your time as a Mattinson candidate you are investing in the good of the wider environment.

Carbon Footprint.

Carbon FootprintTM works to help organisations offset their CO2 through tree planting and community projects worldwide. By partnering with Carbon FootprintTM, we have planted native trees and shrubs such as Whitebeam, Hazel, Field Maple, Silver Birch, Rowan, Beech, Blackthorn, Holly and Dog Rose to create a Mattinson Forest that spreads across South East England. Carbon FootprintTM work in conjunction with the Florestal Santa Maria Project (FSM-Redd Project), designed to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest. So, for every tree we plant in the UK we guarantee a tonne of CO₂ offset in Brazil too. Carbon FootprintTM have allowed us to not only do our bit for the environment but also commemorate moments of growth for our clients and candidates.