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Here at Mattinson Partnership we aim to be as sustainable as possible. We use recycled papers, send email over letters (wherever possible), and even aim to use sustainable suppliers for our business. In an effort to take our sustainability mission even further, we’ve partnered up with Carbon Footprint™ who plant trees around the world in an effort to offset the carbon we are all producing every day.

We have also pledged to plant a tree for every permanent placement that we make, every 3 months that a contractor works for us, and every time someone refers either a vacancy or a candidate to us that we end up placing.

The trees that we are planting are going into primary schools and areas of protected wildlife within the UK, giving us a unique opportunity to educate the younger generation on the importance of trees, green spaces, and clean air, whilst improving the quality of their immediate environment. Win-win!

It makes us feel pretty good about ourselves to be able to give something back to the planet that we all call home, and we’d like to share this feeling with our candidates and clients. By working with us you are directly making a difference to the world around us, investing in the planet, and providing a better world for generations to come.

To learn more about the work that we do with Carbon Footprint, or if you currently work with us, and would like some informative marketing material to share with your professional networks, click HERE

Trees Planted so far...308

Each tree that we plant offsets roughly 1 tonne of C02*

We’ve already offset our carbon footprint for the year, let us help you offset yours too!


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