Streets Paved with Gold

I have been recruiting for a range of environmental and engineering specialists across Scotland, the North of England and Ireland for over 5 years’ now.  While most job applicants are located within commuting distance of our clients, I occasionally receive applications from candidates from further afield who are looking to relocate.  Over the years I

City of Culture: Planning at the forefront of regeneration

When I talk about planning recruitment to my private sector clients, the term development control is regularly brought up. Essentially I’m told, ‘Freddie, I need a planner who can understand regulations and write applications – and if they have great client relationships too, that would be great’. From there we have a consultation on both

The (real) truth about recruitment

Do you really want to be a recruiter? At Mattinson Partnership we are looking to attract outgoing graduates, or people with some sales experience to join our small London based team, you will have the opportunity to work with prestigious clients across construction, property, transport, environment or sustainability depending on what suits your interests. Why

Don’t burn your bridges: the future of bridges

Earlier this week I read two interesting articles which got me thinking about where the bridge engineering industry is heading for the rest of the 21st Century. It’s hard to deny we are living in an era which will be remembered for rapid technological advancements. But what effect will this have on infrastructure projects? First

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the eco-friendly journey

I recently went to Croatia to visit my dad on a four-day holiday (if you can call running around visiting family a holiday.) On one of our trips around Zagreb, we hopped into a taxi called EKO. On the back of the passenger seat in a crumpled plastic sleeve, there was a Carbon neutrality certificate

Landscape Architecture: The Trends

Typically a trend is something that is considered a passing craze, but the actual definition according to Oxford Dictionary is “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.” Such is the case with landscape architecture and some of the “trends” of the 21st century. Landscape architecture helps to define outdoor spaces, making them

A structural view on sports

As an avid sports fan and former player, I have enjoyed the experience of watching a game live and soaking up the atmosphere. The songs/chants, the love of the game, the excitement or despair when the final result is known, all make for an invaluable occasion, relishing the opportunity to return to experience it all

The Winds of Changed

The news for the past fortnight has been dominated by the adverse weather conditions in the Caribbean with consecutive hurricanes destroying homes, infrastructure and lives across the region. Hurricanes have always been a pervasive problem in early autumn, but is there an argument that the problem is escalating due to a warming global climate? Although

Smart Cities – The Future Is Now

When planners talk about modern urbanisation on a larger, more strategic scale we commonly come across the term Smart City. But what exactly makes a city ‘smart’, and who’s doing it better than anyone else? There are numerous definitions for smart city, but the best I’ve found is when cities “effectively combine multiple technologies to

A day in the life of a Trainee Consultant

Wake up – I wake up at 5:30 every morning (this is out of choice because I have a long commute), shower and get ready for the day with a nice cup of tea. I drive to the station and jump on the train to London Bridge. As I spend 40 minutes on the train,